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Hi my name is Zoe,


I've had a variety of furry friends throughout my life and for me home is not a home without a pet to adore. I have 2 dogs who get endless amounts of fuss and cuddles. I get so much enjoyment walking my own dogs and I feel privileged to be able to take clients dogs for similar adventures, experiencing their joy and excitement.


- walker & pet sitter

Simply the Pets uses a sophisticated software specifically designed for Pet Service Providers called Pet Sitter Plus. This unique software means that you, the client, only ever need to contact our head office. From here we are able to add/ amend/ cancel walks, update client information, send out invoices and produce receipts.


Our clients tell us they find the system impressive. They love the itemised and accurate invoices received via email. This gives our clients the confidence that their dog walking and pet sitting services have been scheduled accurately. The number one requirement for any client looking for a pet sitter these days is reliability and we have an advanced and easy to use suite of scheduling tools that help reduce the mistakes associated with manual systems.









South Croydon





At STP we use honest, reliable & trustworthy subcontracted dog walkers & pet sitters who feel privileged to be looking after your pets and take the responsibility of doing so extremely seriously. With a team of walkers we are able to provide a truly reliable service. Our Pet sitters are hand picked, vetted and insured for public liability. All pet sitters carry a first aid kit specifically designed for use on pets with them at all times.

Our team


- owner & founder


-  walker & pet sitter

Hi there, I'm Kim! I love all types of pets from goldfish to horses and have had first hand experience with most throughout my life. My soft spot lies most definitely with cats and dogs and I love getting cuddles and kisses from all breeds and sizes. I recently left dog grooming because of hand injury so  working alongside Simply the Pets keeps me happy by being around my favourite animals all of the time.


I have three dogs; a Ridgeback called Ella and two Fox Terriers; Finlay and Sam. They are extremely energetic and need plenty of walks to keep them happy and content!


-  walker & pet sitter

Call us on 07793030895 to see how we can help you!


- walker & pet sitter

Hi, I'm Simon, but often referred to as 'Nature Boy' by friends and family!


I have a very outdoorsy background and a huge passion for animals therefore combining the two is a very natural career choice for me. My love for animals stems from growing up and being surrounded by a vast range of pets; everything from large dogs to goldfish and literally everything in between!!


Most people don't get the pleasure of waking up in the morning and feeling excited about going to work, I now consider myself one of the very, very lucky ones that do!



We are open Monday-Thursday 9am - 6pm | Friday 9am - 5pm

Pet Sitter Software

Hello, I'm Megan and I am a dedicated, loving person who enjoys and bounces off the unconditional affection of all animals. I have grown up being part of a family who have had a variety of animals over the years. My current family pet is my dog Flo who is heading for 14 years old.


Working with Simply the Pets is my perfect job role, being able to care for, enjoy and share the experiences with my clients pets and also having the extra privilege of being outdoors, no matter what the weather!




-  walker & pet sitter

Hi, I'm Lizzie.


I have always had a massive love for all animals, and I'm delighted to get to work with them on a daily basis. I have grown up around cats and dogs, and currently have a house rabbit called Willow. I love being outside everyday with the wide variety of dogs we have the pleasure of looking after and also being surrounded by beautiful country side.

Simply the Pets was founded in 2008 and have been providing excellent, reliable pet services ever since.


We pride ourselves on running a business with whom you can depend and rely upon. Your animal is not seen as a commodity - we see them as an important member of your family and because of that we will welcome them into our lives as if they were our own.


Simply the Pets knows how important your pet is to you, but also understands that life can sometimes stand in the way of you being able to provide all the time and attention they require. So if you're at work all day, have had a change in circumstances or are not as fit as you once were, we're here to help.


If you have any questions or would just like to talk about how we may be able to help you please get in contact.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at our  site!


I founded Simply the Pets after deciding to turn my lifelong passion for animals into a career. At 19 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a year of treatment followed but out of the bad came good and I realised that I had to do something I loved and felt passionate about, so in 2008 Simply the Pets was born & I haven't looked back since! My dream has always been to have a large animal family and by creating Simply the Pets this dream has been fufilled as each pet in our care becomes part of the Simply the Pets family.


Hi there, I’m Sarah!


I’ve grown up in an environment where dogs are part of the family and have had my dog Maisie, now 9, since she was 8 weeks old. I’m now the annoying person in the street who will stop you and make a fuss of your dog!


I consider myself to be very lucky getting to spend my day with dogs and other animals. There can’t be any other job where your clients are quite so happy to see you!


- walker & pet sitter