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Dog Walking

It is essential that your dog gets plenty of exercise. Dogs require continual physical and mental stimulation to stop them from developing behavioural problems such as barking, chewing and digging which are often a result of boredom and insufficient exercise.


Dogs are walked for a full hour (with collection and drop-off dogs are usually out for 1 1/2 -2 hours), in groups (we never take more than 4) and are always taken to a large open space so that they can have a good run and play (as long as written permission is given for off-lead walking). It is very important to socialise them with other dogs to prevent fearful or aggressive behaviour.


Why choose STP?

Road walks are no fun - we always go to a large park!                          We head out no matter what the weather    


A full hour's walk which starts once we're at the park                           Plenty of updates on your dogs adventures  


Friendly, honest & trustworthy walkers                                                   We only promise what we can deliver


We abide by Croydon Council's Dog Control Order rules of never walking more than four dogs


Regular walker for your dog meaning they have consistency & can up build up a great friendship.


No sign written vehicle or uniforms - we don't want to draw attention to your absence!


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"What I like about Simply the Pets is that they have been consistently reliable, but also flexible to my needs. Chester is always excited when they turn up fetching his lead in anticipation. He's a young dog that needs a lot of exercise and always has a very good walk evidenced by him going straight to his bed to sleep on his return!"

Meet some of our friendly pack members...

Walks from £12.00

Prices Click here to see our handy guide on how to find the right dog walker for you and your dog paw_print2
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