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"Thank you very much for looking after Alice, Abbie and Iddie so beautifully over Christmas, they were relaxed and happy when we got home and the kitchen and utility room were clean and tidy. I really appreciate your hard work and high standard of care!"




Guinea Pigs





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Our Home Visit service allows your pet to remain in the comfort of their own home, which means that by being in familiar surroundings your dog, cat or small animal will be less stressed throughout the duration of your absence. It is the perfect alternative if you are worried about the effect kennels or catteries will have on your pet, or you are worried about imposing upon your family, friends or neighbours.


The Pet Sitting service is available for cats, dogs and small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, rats and chickens. Is your pet not listed? If not, please contact us to see if we are still able to help - we're always happy to look after the different and more unusual pets!


Our visit will last up to 20 minutes, where we will feed, play, clean cages/ litter trays as well as perform any other tasks you request. Included as part of this service we will ensure your home has that 'lived in' look by bringing in post, taking out rubbish and switching lights on/off etc.


Take a look at our Pet Sitting Testimonials page - we have excellent references!

Visits £10.00

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