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Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a very common problem in dogs, causing stiffness, discomfort and even pain. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints.

Signs of arthritis:

  • Limping
  • Stiffness and slower when walking
  • Irritability
  • Swelling
  • Licking paws, elbows and hips (signs of saliva staining)
  • Wincing, pain when touched
  • Reluctant to play, exercise, climb stairs or even just getting up

Too old to walk?

Some may think some dogs are too old or the arthritis interferes for them to be able to continue with walks and enjoy the basic luxuries of life. They think it is best to let them relax and stay in the comfort of their own homes. This is definitely not the case.

It is extremely important to continue regular walks with a dog suffering from arthritis as the walks get the blood flowing around the joints and keep the joints regularly moving.

If a dog was left to give into his or her arthritic pain and stayed at home sleeping or just reducing movement in general, it gives arthritis the opportunity to grow and get much worse.

Cold weather

It is common for arthritis to be at its worst in the colder weather, so it is important that you are doing all you can to help your four legged friend. Consider getting them a nice warm coat or jumper to stop their joints from becoming cold.

Please also contact your vet to see what is the best suited route of treatment for your beloved pet as there are many options available and your dog does not need to be in any pain.

Top Tip:

A fish oil supplement such as salmon oil or YuMove is a great way to help support my joints!

Our walks are for seniors too!

Our group dog walks bring out the puppy laying dormant inside their hearts. They encourage exercise more then they would on solo dog walks and they also get the benefit of being able to play and interact with the other dogs - even if it is a little slower paced! Let's not forget dogs are a social species. We take walks at their pace and support them in every way possible. Your babies come first in our eyes.

So call us today to arrange your fur babies first adventure with our experienced and caring team!

Everyone is young at heart ❤