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MARCH 2020


Did you know...?

So, you’re a dog owner. This means your dog needs their daily walk, right? But what if COVID-19 forces you to self-isolate? What happens to our doggies favourite daily pastime then? Here’s some tips:

Don’t worry about a walk. What?! I hear you cry; my dog can’t stay in four walls – he’ll go crazy! Yes, that is true. If you do just keep your dog in four walls without any sort of stimulation you may well see them becoming bored, stressed and restless. BUT if you keep him inside and stimulated – he’ll forget all about that walk in the woods!

So how do I keep them stimulated? Introduce some Boredom Busters! Exercise is an important part of a dog’s wellbeing, but it doesn’t always have to be physical. Mental exercise is just as important and can tire a dog out in the same way as a 5km hike. Here’s what you can do:

Basic Training

Bring back some Basic Training and work on strengthening old skills or learning some new ones (check out YouTube for some ideas). Keep sessions short, fun, positive and always reward based. If you’re dog isn’t enjoying themselves move on to something else.

Think 'Beyond the Bowl'

This means giving your dog their meals in other, more challenging ways than their food bowl. You could:

  • Fill a Kong, Dog Puzzle (check out Amazon) or Snuffle Mat
  • Play hide and seek around the house – encouraging your dog to find the food
  • Scatter their food in the garden or in the home (as long as you don’t mind having to wipe the floor after to remove the lick marks!)

Play Games

Get your dog’s favourite toy out and have some fun! They’ll love having the extra attention. Play tug, fetch whatever it is that your dog loves! If you have access to a private garden and it’s not tipping it down, get yourself and your pup out for some fresh air. They’ll also need a toilet break.

HELP! My dog won't toilet in the garden

If you have a dog who won’t pee or poop in the garden, it goes without saying that there are going to be times when you may need to pop outside to let them do their business, but remember to avoid other people and keep that time to a minimum. Once they’ve done their thing, return home and tire them out with the activities above.

Please note. These tips are under the assumption that you are not very poorly and needing to rest. If you have contracted Coronavirus, your health comes first, so get into bed/ get comfy on the sofa and invite your dog to join you (if that’s your thing) and enjoy the snuggles. They do say dogs can get you through the toughest times after all!

All the best,

Simply the Pets