can be scary for our pets too!

Here's our Top Tips to keeping your pets safe this Spooky Season!

1. Keep human treats out of reach

Chocolate can be lethal if consumed by your dog. Even in smalll amounts! Symptoms of poisoning are: vomiting, diarrhoea, seizures, heavy breaving, dehydration, high temperature.

Xylitol, an artificial sweetener commonly found in sweets is highly toxic to dogs. It can cause seizures, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), liver failure and even death. So keep well out of reach!

2. walk us before it gets dark

Trick or treaters can be frightening to our pups and as most head out when it's dark ensure your dog has had their walk earlier in the day. If this isn't possible, is there a friend, neighbour or professional dog walker who can help?

During walks keep your dog on lead and ensure they have an identification tag on.

3. keep your cats inside

Dressed up, screaming, excited children can be frightening for your cats. Consider keeping them in whilst the trick or treaters are out.

3. take care when opening doors

Your door is likely going to be opening a lot when trick or treaters come knocking. To keep your dog safe and prevent escape place them in another room, in their crate or behind a dog gate when opening the door.

4. put up a sign 'no trick or treaters'

If your dog gets particularly anxious when the doorbell goes and you don't want to participate in trick or treating consider putting a note on your door saying 'No trick or treaters', please do NOT knock. Anxious dog inside'

5. they're not always a fan of dressing up

Whilst we think it is cute and adorable, some dogs will hate being dressed up and find it a very stressful experience. The dogs pictured here are calm, relaxed, happy and are introduced slowly and then heavily rewarded with treats and praise for taking part to make it a positive experience. Any dogs that show any signs of stress are not made to take part.

Costumes should allow free movement and the ability to see, hear and breathe. Never leave your dog unattended whilst they are wearing an outfit.

Signs of stress to look out for: whale eye, lip licking, yawning, averted gaze, moving away, trying to get the item off, ears pinned back, tail tucked under.