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How to find the right Pet Sitter for you!

  • Looking for a Pet Sitter to care for your pet?
  • Worried or concerned about finding the best one to suit your needs?
  • How do you know who is going to be reliable, honest and trustworthy with your home and pets?

Here are some handy tips to help you to find the right Pet Sitter for you!


One of the best ways to find a reliable pet care service is to get a recommendation from someone who already uses the company and is happy to vouch for the standard of their service. Always be wary of recommendations that come from third parties i.e. vets, groomers. This isn't to say that all third party recommendations are bad, but you want to know if they have actually looked in to how the company practises and have heard positive comments from actual clients or are they working in partnership with this company to help mutually boost their businesses?


Does the company display client testimonials on their website? Simply the Pets is very proud of the positive comments we get from our clients and we display these on our Testimonials page for all prospective new clients to see. By seeing a large number of testimonials you will be able to see if there is consistency in the level of service they provide. There is also very little chance of these reviews being mocked up in order to try and show the company being more reputable than it is.


Always ensure the company you choose is fully insured for: third party pubic liability, care custody and control of your pet and loss of key cover. Also, ask what the walker/ sitter does with your keys when they have them; what do they use to identify your keys (we only ever use a tag with your pets name on. No addresses or phone numbers are ever included); where are they kept when their not working. These are all questions they should be happy to answer.


What time will your services be conducted? At a similar time each day or to what suits the sitter and their other commitments? At Simply the Pets we have time blocks scheduled into our diaries which are totally dedicated to Pet Sitting visits. These are 8am-10am and 3pm-5pm.

Ask the company what you can expect from them. What is included in the visit?

At Simply the Pets we will fufill your pets routine i.e. feeding, cleaning litter trays, as well as bringing in the post, opening/ closing curtains, putting our bins etc. as standard.

Prior to conducting any services we will come to your home to ensure that we have detailed routine notes for your pet so that you can go away safe in the knowledge your pet will be cared for in exactly the same way that you do!


As the age old saying goes - you get what you pay for. You may find a pet sitter on gumtree offering ultra-cheap services, often a student looking for some extra cash. These sitters are often uninsured, unreliable and may not know what to do if they encounter unexpected problems. Leaving the safety and security of your home and pet with a professional will mean that you are hiring someone who has the experience, resources and knowledge to handle situations appropriately?


The security and safety of our clients homes and pets is of the upmost priority to us. It is for this reason we do not have sign-written vehicles or uniforms. Sign written vehicles and uniforms serve no purpose to our clients and are only of benefit to the company they are advertising. With burglaries of continual concern we feel that this is an important, yet often overlooked, factor when choosing a Pet Services provider. To ensure your home maintains that 'lived-in' look during your absence we will bring in the post, put out the rubbish and turn on/off lights as part of our pet sitting service.

Finally and most importantly... Meet the sitter before making any decision

Make sure you have an interview with all potential pet service providers. Transparency, friendliness, and willingness to spend time answering your questions are good signs; nevertheless, the proof is in the meeting. Go with your gut and trust your instincts. If someone doesn't feel like the right 'fit' for you, ask yourself why.

We wish you the best of luck in finding the right pet care service for you. If you feel that could be us please get in touch - we'd love to help!