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We appreciate that entrusting us with the care of your pet is an important and difficult decision. Simply the Pets has been in business for over 10 years so you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a professional and reputable organisation. With us you can expect reliability, consistency and accountability.

How do you know that we will be giving you and your pet the service that has been promised to you? Well here at Simply the Pets we like to reassure our clients by having clear Standards of Practice that we follow. This ensures that our clients have peace of mind and your pets are receiving an excellent standard of care. After all they only deserve the best!

Trustworthy, experienced Walkers & Sitters

All of our fully insured and DBS checked Dog Walkers and Sitters are experienced pet owners with a broad knowledge of pet care. They are caring, compassionate and pride themselves on providing our clients with the best service. Simply the Pets is strictly a force free company and only ever uses positive reward training methods.

Scheduling Software Access

Our clients have access to our Online Scheduling Software which means that they are able to request and cancel services at a time convenient to you. Having access to a client portal also allows our clients to check that the correct services are scheduled in for their pet. In days gone by clients would request or cancel their services through a number of methods; text, phone call, email opening themselves up to human error or things 'slipping the net'. Being able to check your schedule means our clients know their pet is going to get their walk or visit.

Each client has their own online file where detailed records of your pets requirements are recorded. This includes behaviour information, feeding schedules and cleaning information. We will follow your instructions to the letter.


One common worry pet owners express is how do they know that their dog is being walked for the correct amount of time or if their pet has been visited? At Simply the Pets there is no need to worry about this. Our walkers & sitters check-in and check-out of their jobs via GPS, so we are able to tell when services have begun and when they have been completed.


We see Feedback as an integral part of our service - we love letting you know what fun your dog has had on their walks or that your cat and home are safe and well during your absence and we know you love receiving it! Regular updates and photos are sent directly through our software to our clients to keep them updated. This usually includes photos and we also regularly update our Facebook page. Take a look to see what we get up to doing the best job in the world!


As a pet owner you want to know that when you book services they will be fulfilled. The last thing any client wants is to receive a last minute call to say that their cat won't be visited, or their dog won't be walked as they are sick. At Simply the Pets we have procedures in place which mean that in the event that a walker/ sitter is sick, has a car break down or is on holiday your service will still be fulfilled. Only in unusual circumstances would we be unable to provide you with the service you have booked in, in which case we would aim to provide you with as much notice as possible.