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Doggy Day Out

Duration - 2hrs of walking + collection and drop off

£34 - Available Monday to Friday

Does your dog have boundless energy?

Are they of an age or breed where one walk is never enough?

Are you out for long hours of a day and worried about the amount of time your dog will be left alone?


If yes, our Doggy Day Out is for you!


This is the Simply the Pets take on 'Day Care'. Dogs are collected in the morning, get taken on our two one-hour group walks (11am & 1pm), where they will get to have a great time exploring and playing, before being dropped home - no doubt heading straight off to the land of nod to dream of all the fun they've had!

Dogs are out with us approximately 3-3.5 hours in the middle of the day. Timings will depend on the order of collections and drop offs. ​

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