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Pet Sitting

Allowing your previous pets to remain in the comfort of their own home

Our Home Visit service allows your pets to remain in the comfort of their own home, which means that by being in familiar surroundings your precious pet will be less stressed throughout the duration of your absence.


The perfect alternative if you are worried about the effect catteries or boarding in unfamiliar surroundings will have on your pet, or you are worried about imposing upon your family, friends or neighbours.


The Pet Sitting service is available for all pets such as cats, rabbits, hamsters, reptiles, guinea pigs, fish, rats and chickens. We love all pets so if you have something a little 'out of the norm' please do get in touch to discuss as we'd love to help!

(Please note we do not offer Dog Boarding, Doggy Day care or House-Sitting Services)

Sleeping Cat

During Visits We Will...

  • Feed and freshen water

  • Clean cages/ litter trays/ vivarium's/ food bowls etc.

  • Administer medication (if required)

  • Perform any other tasks needed to keep your pet happy

  • Provide that all important fuss and attention

  • You'll also receive a feedback report and photo after every service


We take security very seriously at STP and whilst we are conducting services our aim is to avoid drawing unwanted attention to your absence, so it is for this reason we do not wear a uniform, nor do we have sign written vehicles. All pet sitters hold clear DBS checks and are fully insured.


Included as part of this service we will ensure your home is secure and has that 'lived-in' look by bringing in post, taking out rubbish, opening/ closing curtains and blinds, and switching lights on/off.

We Care For

Curious Cat
Funny Bunny
Free Range Hen
Feeding Guinea Pig_edited.jpg
Guinea Pigs
Parrot eating Carrot
Fish Bowl
Please note we do not offer a dog boarding or house-sitting service for dogs
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