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Puppy Care

A new four legged member of the family is one of the most exciting times for any family and as a Certified Puppy Training and Canine Body Language Specialist, we understand that the first few months of a puppy's life are the most important and ideally, they should be introduced to a number of different experiences, noises, animals, and people as soon as possible.


A process called socialisation.


Socialisation allows a dog to learn what to expect from everyday life and how to deal with this when they are older so that they do not become anxious or fearful.

Puppy Visits

Socialisation is a key part of our Puppy Care service along with basic training, toilet training and getting your puppy used to being in their own company for short periods of time - a great way to prevent separation anxiety.


During our 30 minute visits we will:

  • let your puppy out for a toilet break

  • clear up any accidents

  • put down food

  • top up their water

  • provide them with plenty of attention, fuss, and play

  • introduce basic training​


It's never too early to start puppy visits. Waiting until your puppy is fully vaccinated loses precious time in the sensitive period to socialise them. At Simply the Pets we have a puppy sling that allows us to safely puppies so that we can still take them out and introduce them to numerous experiences in a calm, positive way.

Growing Up

Once puppies are fully vaccinated and old enough we like to introduce them onto our group walks which are a great way to socialise your dog with up to 3 other friendly, sociable dogs.

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