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Adventure Walks

Duration - 2hrs + collection & drop off


Adventure Walks currently only take place Mondays and Fridays.

If your dog is looking for something more than a standard 1hr dog walk, or you’re looking for a unique alternative to traditional day care facilities then look no further!


Our Adventure Walks are ideal for the dog who has more energy, would benefit from the mental and physical enrichment of exploring new areas or just enjoy a change from their usual walking routine.

We will travel to varied scenic locations where you dog will be able to investigate new sights, sounds and smells – a great way to stimulate their senses. Walks last for two hours and in groups of up to 4.  During this time they’ll have an opportunity to run, play, swim and climb – it’s the ultimate action-packed adventure!


CIRCA 9.30 – 10am Dogs are collected ready for the exciting day ahead

FROM Aprox 10.30/11am Your dogs will get to enjoy an action packed two hours exploring our chosen trail. Walks are taken at the dogs place, so if they find something interesting to smell we’ll wait whilst those 300 million olfactory receptors take in the world, but if they’re on a go-fast that’s what we’ll do!

CIRCA 12.30/1pm Dogs head back to the car where we’ll wipe and wash them down before heading home.



Dog’s attending Adventure Walks should ideally be able to walk on lead, have excellent recall and be comfortable around livestock.


A minimum of two dogs must be booked in per adventure walk to operate. In the event that we do not meet minimum requirements dogs will be offered our Doggy Day Out Service as an alternative.

Dog with a toy
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