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Dog Walker

Dog Services

Our dogs are part of the family so we realise how important it is to find someone who is dependable, reliable and going to love your pup as much as you do!


That’s where we come in...


Here at STP we are able to offer regular and ad hoc dog walking services so whether you need a service Monday to Friday or the occasional walk here and there, we can help!

Our Services

Expert Dog Care from our dedicated team of walkers

Monthly Newsletter - including 'Pupstar of the Month'

Enrichment Activities

A variety of different walk locations - to keep our dogs stimulated and exercised. No enclosed fields here!

Easy to use Client Portal - accessible 24/7

Feedback and Photos after EVERY walk - guaranteed!

Off lead walks - subject to assessment and consent

Swap your Days *subject to availability and notice period

Our Dog Walking Services

What You'll Get!

Are Group Walks right for me?

At Simply the Pets it's really important that our Group Walks are safe, well-managed and most importantly fun!

This is why it's so important that dogs are suited to Group Walks. Group Walking doesn't suit every dog and at STP we take the "What the Dog Needs, not what we want" approach. This means that the we want to ensure dogs are happy and having the time of their life in our care, and if we find that your dog is not enjoying being part of a group we'll let you know!


To be a part of Group Walks dogs should:

  • Get on well with other dogs of varying breeds, ages and temperaments 

  • Walk well on a lead. We appreciate that dog's are likely to be excited when we reach the park, however we request that owners provide a well fitting 2-point harness, such as a Perfect Fit harness, for dogs that pull to aid control and prevent injury to dog and walker. Please note we will not use head collars, choke chains or slip leads.

  • Ideally be able to enjoy their walk off lead. We are happy to work with young dogs towards this goal and can use long lines for dogs who cannot be let off lead.

  • Not become overly-stimulated or over-aroused in the company of other dogs

  • Not be in season (females)

  • Unneutered males are welcome on our Group Walks, but will be subject to individual assessment

  • Travel well in a car

At STP we are always assessing the dynamics of our Group Walks and if there are any concerns regarding your dogs suitability we will discuss these with you and aim to come up with a mutually agreeable solution. 

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