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Is your dog afraid of fireworks?

If so, it's important to start putting some desensitisation training in place so that by the time fireworks season comes round your dog can be calmer and less stressed.

Why do dogs fear fireworks?

  • Acute Hearing which causes physical discomfort

  • Sound Sensitivity due to lack of exposure

  • Lack of confidence

  • Previous traumatic experience

  • Life changes such as house moves or a new baby

  • Old age or pain ...or you may never know!

How to spot the early signs your dog is stressed

  • Yawning

  • Lip Licking

  • Freezing

  • More clingier than normal

  • Hiding

Do the prep work - ideally in the month's before!

  • Start pairing the sound of fireworks (via your laptop/ phone/ TV) with something nice like food or their favourite game in the month’s leading up to fireworks season.

  • Play firework sounds quietly at first whilst they‘re eating their meals increasing the sound over time.

  • Have diversions ready such as a kong, snuffle or licky mat

  • Add some carbs such as pasta or rice to your dog’s meals leading up to and on fireworks night

  • If your dog is particularly bad speak to your vet about herbal supplements, essential oils and medication options

Top Tips

Out and about

  • Don't walk your dog after dark - this includes letting us into the garden

  • Attach a hi-vis or flashing collar so they can be seen if they escape

  • Keep your dog on lead at this time of year when walking around dusk/ in the evening

  • If you're out walking and the fireworks start.... head home!

  • If necessary, and safe to do so, carry your dog home

At home

  • Consider letting your dog sleep in your room so you can reassure and monitor them

  • Don't leave them alone, be there to comfort

  • Create a den for them to retreat to

  • Close curtains and put music or the TV on

Don't forget!!

To always offer lots of reassurance to your dog if they want it.

You cannot reinforce fear with affection. Be a confident and calming support for them.

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