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"Simply the Pets having been walking our puppy for the last few months. I cannot recommend them more highly! They look after Eric like he is their own. Eric has become so much more confident and well socialised and has lots of friends. They are so professional! You receive a pet report after every walk along with a photo, they go to lots of different places and are great at training your dogs aswell. We love Hayley and her team"

Sam, owner of Eric

"Our Border Collie x puppy Rey loves his weekly walks with Simply The Pets. We did this to help him socialise with other dogs outside his own household and it has really helped. Hayley and the team are knowledgeable, friendly and clearly love all the dogs they work with. Highly recommended."

Row, owner of Rey

"I reached out to Hayley when we first moved to Croydon around 3 years ago - we were looking for a group dog walk our French Bulldog could join but wanted him to be matched appropriately with other dogs as he could sometimes be abit wary due to a bad experience years ago - especially with dogs bigger than him. Fast forward 3 years and he has come on leaps and bounds, we have noticed a massive difference in him and we know it’s because he is getting the socialization and having lots of fun on his walks! He loves his two walks a week and stares at the door waiting for them to arrive and pick him up! Hayley has always helped us out when we have needed additional cover, I totally recommend her and her team for your doggy needs!"

Nadia, owner of Ernie

"We booked Simply the Pets initially as company for our very shy rescue puppy during the day however we were very unsure if it would work out as our dog is not confident around new people at all. Jump forward to a few weeks later and Martha is not only over the moon whenever she sees Jess but is now attending group walks with other dogs and people! Simply the pets have understood Martha's needs and have gained her confidence and trust at Martha's pace all the while updating us each time they have visited. Martha adores her visits from Simply the Pets and comes home well exercised ready to sleep away the afternoon. We are so, so impressed with the friendliness and patience of this company and how much they have improved Martha's confidence! I would highly recommend Simply the Pets. Thank you to Hayley, Jess and the rest of the team for all your work, it is incredibly valued."

Sarah, owner of Martha

"We found Simply The Pets when we saw one of their dog walkers in our local park. She gave us her card and we checked them out as we really needed someone to walk our Frenchie x Pug, George, whilst we were at work. The owner of the business, Hayley, visited our house to give us an induction which really settled our nerves because she was lovely! The induction was so thorough and detailed and she answered all of our questions (we had many!). All of their dog walkers dress in their own clothes and use unmarked vehicles as to maximise the security of your home as this is something we were worried about. The times of the walks are also varied on different days so the routine is broken up, which again helps with security so there isn’t the same person coming to your house every single day at the same time, which is something that really puts us at ease. All of their walkers genuinely love George, they always fuss over him and are always so excited to see him! His favourite is Tali, and I think he loves her more than he loves us. He always dashes right out of the door when she arrives and hops right into the car to see his friends. Simply The Pets is so reliable, they never let us down, no matter what the weather is like, and they always keep us up to date via email with any changes within the business. We even get a service report after each walk with a little picture of George on his walk with his friends. We can’t express how comforting that is when we’re at work and entrusting other people to look after our fur baby. We would never want to go with any other dog walkers. Thank you, Simply The Pets... you are Simply The Best. We love you guys!"

Amy, owner of George

"I always book Simply the Pets to feed my cat when I go away. She is much happier staying at home than she ever was in a cattery, and I get a daily update about her visit. Highly recommend!"

Emma, owner of Olive

" Professional, caring, supportive, just some of the qualities that Simply The Pets offer their clients.
Whether you have 2 legs or 4 you know you’ll be met by a happy face and offered the best service. We have been relying on STP for five years now so can happily recommend them to you!"

Shelley, owner of Beau

"Hayley and her team are great, really professional and reliable. They take Monty on Group Walks, which he loves. We especially love the update photos after his walks. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Laura, owner of Monty

"I have been using Hayley since she first started out, to feed my cats when I was away. Now we have a puppy, she and her team walk are walking her for us now also. My puppy is a high energy breed but after a couple of walks during the day with Hayley, she is much calmer!"

Alex, owner of Tash

"Amazing! Simply the Pets have been a lifesaver for us - our dog Kassie absolutely loves her walks and all of the walkers. Hayley goes above and beyond to provide exemplary customer care and always responds to emails really quickly. The walkers are all people who clearly just love dogs. Getting daily photos of the dogs and the Instagram videos are fantastic. I can't say enough good things about this company! Thank you so much Simply the Pets!"

Izzy, owner of Kassie

"I have been using Simply the Pets for about 7 years and every time I leave my animals in the care of the team I am not disappointed. I return from being away to happy contented animals. I am given updates that reassure me and I have not hesitated in using this company over and over again."


" Stepped in to provide cat sitting at short notice and everything was perfect. Daily updates were provided and our cat was happy when we got back from holiday...thanks!"

AJ, cat sitting client

I"'ve been using Simply the pets now for a couple of weeks for a daily group walk 4-5 times a week and i could not be happier. I was a little bit apprehensive about leaving my new 10 month old cockapoo as he was re-homed with us but Hayley and Sophie have been amazing. He is always so happy to see them and he has made some great little pals on his walks! He always comes back with his little tail wagging and it's lovely seeing the pictures of him enjoying himself. I really trust these guys with my little fur child and you can really tell that they love the animals they look after. I'm so happy i found them. Absolutely recommend to anyone with pets! Thank you!"

Samantha, owner of Dexter

"Our dog Baxter has been with Simply the Pets since he was a puppy 2 years ago, starting with puppy care and since then dog walking! Hayley and the team have always been very accommodating and are very reliable and hardworking. Baxter absolutely adores Megan and is always excited to see her, and comes back very tired after his long walk! Megan also always keeps us updated on Baxter when needed on his walks. It is truly a great service"

Sarah, owner of Baxter

"We cannot recommend Simply the Pets enough!! Hayley and her team are like a family to us and Toby, our 15 month Beagle.We've been using STP since we got Toby as a puppy and we couldn't have done it without them. We didn't really realize just how lively and inquisitive Beagles could be, and Hayley and the team have worked so hard with us to train him - they've gone above and beyond what I thought I would be getting from a dog walking service. Hayley is very approachable and deals with her clients in a friendly and positive manner. I know I can count on her and go to her for help. She is always so positive and cheery when she collects Toby that it really does make me know he's in great hands. Above all Toby loves everyone at STP! His excitement levels when he's getting ready to go out are all the sign I need to tell me what a great bunch of friends he has made at STP!!"

Emma, owner of Toby

"My Staffie Crystal ALWAYS looks forward to her walks with STP's. My partner and I both work full time and it is a huge relief to know that Crystal has Simply the Pets checking in on her, walking her and letting us know how she is doing, on a daily basis. They are 100% reliable, clearly love animals and care about the dogs they look after, and I would not leave my 'baby girl' in the care of any other dog walker"

Jane, owner of Chrissy

"Thank you, Hayley, for looking after our picky cats for us. They are always happy when we come home and it's good to know we have someone we trust to care for them, particularly our older lady. Great, too, to know that you never mind us texting you when we are away I would recommend your excellent service to anyone who needs caring, reliable and friendly pet care. Thanks again"

Lesley, owner of Chocky, Lila, Higgs & Conker

"Since using Simply the Pets for our boy's daily walks, it has been stress free! We never have to worry that we are going to be contacted with a problem or late cancellation. Albert loves his walks and cannot wait for Megan to arrive each day. Megan herself is an absolute star! We also use Simply the Pets for our 3 cats when we are away and again, we never have to worry that they won't turn up. We return to 3 happy cats - thank you!"

Jill, owner of Albert. Derek, Rodney & Emily

"I'm very happy to have found simply the pets and in particular Megan , who walks Joey my very energetic Cockerpoo - he gets excited when she arrives to pick him up , I work changing shift patterns and have also had a period of immobility due to injury - simply the pets came to the rescue and have been so flexible and accommodating regarding change of walk days and times .i am happy to know my dog is in such safe and caring hands"

Jacquie, owner of Joey

"Hayley has been looking after our two cats for a few years now. She is very professional and booking and payments are so easy and straight forward. She is always responds promptly to any queries or changes that we need to make. Our two cats are quite shy but we always find them happy and relaxed when we return. Recently our male cat had been having a problem for a few weeks with projectile vomiting and Hayley was brilliant with him. She gave him his tablet daily and also cleaned up when he was ill again. She also text to say that he had been taking his medication. Upon another occasion our male broke the cat flap, as he has a habit of charging through it at full speed! This results in both cats being locked outside. We had warned Hayley about this problem and when she saw that he had done it again, she text our daughter who was able to come over and repair it. We can recommend Simply the Pets as we know that our cats are in safe hands"

Margaret, owner of Miah and Kasper

"We have used Simply The Pets since our French Bulldog Rosco was a puppy. We started with home visits and now he has a weekly walk with Megan which he loves. Rosco isn't always the easiest dog to deal with but nothing is too much trouble for Megan and she is brilliant at keeping us up to date with how he is doing. There isn't another company that I could trust to do a better job with him and I know he is in the best hands! Thank you for all the work you do with him"

Sally, owner of Rosco

"Simply the pets are simply the best! They are so reliable and are always so accommodating! I can't rate them highly enough!"

Michelle & Raj, owners of Phoebe

"STP's walked our two miniature schnauzer dogs Bertie & Joey (now nearly 3 years old) on a regular basis since they were puppies – the youngest one being 10 weeks old when Justine first walked them. It is worth our saying that although supposedly miniatures, they are actually quite large and very strong and stubborn dogs - the oldest is actually about the size of a springer spaniel. Both ‘our boys’ get very excited on seeing Justine and love going out for walks with her, arriving home happy and tired and ready for a good sleep. Justine has also provided further home visits and dogsitting, which again they love. Justine feels like part of our family now, she has helped with our various concerns about dog training, neutering, illnesses and vet issues and has helped us so much, often above and beyond the call of duty. She has also been flexible and helpful when we needed more dog care than usual. We can thoroughly recommend Justine and Simply the Pets, who have provided a reliable, caring and very friendly service, giving us great support and real peace of mind regarding our two young and very lively dogs."

Martin & Karen

"I have never regretted using Simply the Pets for one minute. Archie loves your visits, and I know you have a really good grasp of dog behaviour and how to handle terriers and their idiosyncrasies. I trust Simply the Pets completely and I know my dogs are being well looked after. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Simply the Pets!"

Elaine, owner of Archie & Dolly

"Simply the Pets have been walking our Great Dane since he had his first jabs. He’s now six and waits at the window patiently every day. He’s been difficult and testing on occasions, but Simply the Pets have been excellent at reigning him back in and working through the tough times. It’s great that I can relax knowing Boyce is out walking with all of his friends, developing his social skills as well as exercising in a safe environment"

Amy and Robbie, owners of Boyce

"Sascha is always waiting by the window, tail wagging (actually her whole body) at least half an hour before Hayley arrives to collect her for her walk. She absolutely loves it and adores Hayley and loves walking with the other dogs. I'm so glad to have found Simply the Pets - a fantastic service. I couldn't recommend it higher and I know Sascha would agree!"

Emma, owner of Sascha

I had doubts about having a dog walker as I was worried about how she would get on with other dogs and how she would be travelling in a car. I chose Simply the Pets as I saw Hayley in my local woods walking a group of dogs and I could see she was paying attention to them all and playing with them and not just walking them as a job. Hayley even had a little dog on a lead that was tied around her waist and when I asked her about the dog she said that the dog was a regular but now was getting old and blind but still loved coming for walks. When I saw that dedication to dogs I immediately chose Simply the Pets. Every time she came back from walking she was excited constantly wagging her tail and the best thing was that she was knackered and slept through the day content and doggy dreaming about her mates she had been running with earlier. Hayley and the rest of the Simply the Pets team have been a godsend to me as I have been really ill over the past six months and even though I sometimes give Hayley short notice, she can always usually accommodate Willow on one of their walks. To me they are not just Simply the Pets but simply the best and Willow agrees. It is even coming to Willow looking at me when I take her out and giving me a look to say..where's Hayley and my mates!!

Gary, owner of Willow

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