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Ticks - What You Need to Know!


Small spider-like parasites that suck blood of other animals. They don't fly or jump, they crawl onto your dog's skin when they brush past what they are sitting on. Ticks will bite and feed for up to a few days, growing in size before dropping off

Where are they found?

Most common in woodland and long grass or areas heavily populated in deer. Most likely to see them between Spring and Autumn.

What if I find one on my dog?

Every dog owner should invest in a tick removal took. To avoid squeezing the body or leaving the head in, you'll need to twist the tick off like a corkscrew.

Do NOT try to burn them off or suffocate them with lotion/ vaseline etc.

Risk and Prevention

Ticks can cause infection and carry diseases such as Lyme Disease. Stop ticks from biting your pet by using a tick treatment that either kills or repels if they attach such as spot on treatments, tablets or a collar

Helpful Tips

  • Keep tick treatments up to date

  • Check your dogs coat after every walk to remove any ticks before they latch on

  • Keep a removal took in your car or in your walking bag

  • Ticks will also attach to humans. Wearing long sleeved clothing & trousers will help to protect you

  • Inspect repellent can also help.

  • Always twist a tick to remove, not pull!

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